Rants of A Girl Next Door


It took me a long time to get used to of this feeling, or maybe I am still in the process. This feeling which is constant like the number 1 with variable x. This feeling is constant; in the times... Continue Reading →


2 din ki chaandni, phir andheri raat- Aurat March ka Junoon

So few days back I was mocked by my respectful guy friends saying I would have been leading the aurat march if I were there. My reply might not be liked by majority of the women but my blogs never... Continue Reading →

Why Is The Society Suffocating? – Part 1

I was told to walk straight, shoulders back and in short not like a man. I often talk with a natural deep voice and am looked upon by raised eyebrows.I have 80% guy friends with whom I can be just... Continue Reading →

Asma from Hospital.

No, seriously! A simple bees(20) ka load can't save Asma. So people post stuff saying 'like' to save this kid from cancer, ‘share’ to save this Palestinian.     However, we all know that posting, sharing and liking pictures on Facebook wont... Continue Reading →

She is the man!

So a guy can literally watch Drama's and ask stupid questions such as, ''ye biwi ke paas hijab lene ka time tha?'', ''aisa kiu horaha hai?'', ''ye agha jaan abhi tak zinda hai?'', ''ye drama abhi tak chal raha hai?''... Continue Reading →

I don’t like Malala.

It's not a girl to girl hatred. Seriously! I mean, not that I hate her because she gets to meet the 'big people', the Celebs and all, not that I hate her because I saw that picture of hers with... Continue Reading →

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